We all want to give our pooches the best life possible, and that’s exactly what The Puppy Mag is here to help you with.

Our goal is to bring you the best information on puppy behavior, grooming, health, training, and well, everything you want and need to know! The Puppy Mag has a range of articles, some being generic and others being specific to a certain breed.

Harry Evans | Founder & Main Author

about the puppy mag

My love for dogs has so far outweighed everything else in my life and that’s why I’m building this resource for all other dog owners out there.

I had the pleasure to spend the first half of my life with a beautiful German Shepherd named Gena, and then two Black Labradors named Rocky and Blake that I can only say have been the pinnacle of what any dog owner would hope for.

Our content is Veterinarian-Approved!

The articles on The Puppy Mag will either be written by myself or a qualified veterinarian. Content that’s written by myself will then reviewed and approved by an independent and qualified veterinarian. Read more about The Puppy Mag’s Vet-Approved Content ✅.

If you have a particular question that you would like answered, it would be my pleasure to create an article for you. Please use the contact page to submit your question.

Breeds we currently write about:

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