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Are Australian Shepherds Good Apartment Dogs? Top Advice

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Can medium-sized, energetic breeds like the Australian Shepherd live inside apartments? It’s a great question, and one to consider carefully before getting your puppy. This article has everything you should know about Australian Shepherd’s living in apartments.

Australian Shepherds do make reasonably good apartment dogs as long as they receive plenty of exercise and time outside. Although having more space and a yard is preferable, they are a very adaptable breed.

Everything will be explained in full detail below.

Can Australian Shepherds Live Inside Apartments?

First of all, apartments range in size dramatically. It goes without saying that the smaller the apartment the tougher it will be for an Australian Shepherd to feel comfortable.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. I know many people who own Aussies, Huskies, and even German Shepherds inside apartments.

To be honest, whether it’s possible or not, actually comes down to you and your day to day schedule. Not them…

Dogs are awesome at adapting to their environment, but you will need to take extra time out of your day to make it easier for them.

Apartments typically don’t come with a yard, so you will need to be available often enough to take them outside for potty breaks, leg stretching, and of course, exercise.

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The Importance Of Spending Time Outside The Apartment

In order for your Australian Shepherd to feel comfortable living inside an apartment with limited space, he’ll need to spend a lot of time outside of the apartment.

If you are able to take your Aussie out for at least an hour in the morning, at least an hour in the evening, with additional breaks outside throughout the day, he’ll be fine.

If this already sounds difficult to fit into your schedule, you may run into problems.

What you can’t expect is for your Aussie to be fine inside an apartment when he doesn’t get to spend adequate amounts of time outside, walking, running, exercising.

After all, you have to keep in mind that Aussies were originally bred on huge, wide-open ranches, helping farmers and herding cattle. These dogs are the opposite of couch potatoes!

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Leaving Your Australian Shepherd Alone In An Apartment

Australian Shepherds don’t do very well when left alone, and that’s when they do have adequate space to roam around and play.

Leaving your Aussie home alone for many hours each day, inside of an apartment with limited space is not advised.

Even if he has a big house and secure yard to himself, it’s still not advised!

Australian Shepherds have strong social companionship needs and crave human interaction, all of the time.

Again, we find ourselves going back to your daily schedule and availability. As you can now see, your availability plays such an important factor when it comes to how well your Aussie will adapt to apartment life.

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Dealing With The Potty Training In An Apartment

Having a yard is a serious luxury when it comes to potty training! You can train your Aussie to pee and poop as much as he likes in a dedicated spot outside of your home.

With apartments, that’s not an option. So here are a few important tips to consider:

Take him out to your local park or communal yard as often as possible (several times per day)
Buy a potty pad and train him to use only that spot for pees and poops
Bring him to the potty pad after sleep, eating, drinking, playing, napping, or any other exciting moment.
Reward him with treats for using the potty pad

In an ideal world, potty pads don’t exist (really not a fan!), and dogs are taught to pee and poop outside of your joint living space.

But, living in an apartment without a yard, unfortunately, comes with this exact drawback.

Hopefully, you are able to take him outside enough times per day for him to rarely need to eliminate inside the house, but there will always be exceptions, of course. And for these moments, having him trained to go in “his” spot, is obviously important.

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Do Australian Shepherds Need a Back Yard?

Although this is already indirectly answered, I wanted to address it, directly…

No, Australian Shepherds don’t need a back yard, but of course, it would be preferred if they did have one. To make up for not having a yard, you’ll need to take your Aussie out for potty breaks and exercise up to several times per day.

If you are able to keep up with this, then not having a yard, shouldn’t matter too much.

The obvious drawback to not having a yard is unexpected potty breaks. But as explained in the previous section, for the moments you aren’t able to catch while you are outside, he should be trained to eliminate on a potty pad, inside.

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How Much Exercise Will Your Australian Shepherd Need?

Exercise, both physical and mental will be crucial to keep your Aussie feeling satisfied, stimulated, and happy.

Without enough of either type of exercise, your Aussie will likely become bored, frustrated, and stressed. This can lead to an array of behavior issues and increase the chances of developing anxiety.

But does living in an apartment affect this? It will to a certain extent… The importance of exercise remains the same whether he’s living in an apartment or not, but the lack of a yard will put more responsibility on you to take him out for his exercise.

Having less room to run and play inside your home will mean more will have to be done when outside.

Mental stimulation is essential either way and fortunately can be achieved through frequent training exercises and interactive puzzle toys.

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Final Thoughts

Australian Shepherds can live in apartments. Although this will require more responsibility to provide adequate exercise, potty breaks, and time outside of the apartment in order for them to remain happy.

Aussies are a high-energy breed that are used to having ample space, so you must always keep this in mind.

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