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5 Corgi Breeders In Florida: Recommended & Trusted (2023)

Last Updated on April 4, 2023 by The Puppy Mag

Move over alligators, there’s a new short and stumpy animal taking over Florida… Corgis!

Their cute little legs, fluffy butts, and big personalities are stealing hearts left and right. If you’re thinking about getting a corgi in Florida, here are some of the best breeders around.

P.S. They haven’t asked us to write this. We just feel it’s important to be guided to the right breeders when making such an important decision.

Some Important Questions to Ask The Breeders

Before speaking to or visiting a breeder, it’s crucial to be prepared and ready to ask the right questions. This is perhaps the most crucial step when in the process of getting a new puppy. Just think, giving the go ahead on any particular puppy, is like making a decision that will change your life for the next 10-15 years (maybe more!).

Here are the 10 most important questions to ask any breeder:

  1. What is the breeder’s experience and knowledge of the breed?
  2. Can you see the parents of the puppy and meet them?
  3. What health clearances do the parents have?
  4. Are the puppies socialized and exposed to different people and environments?
  5. Does the breeder provide a written health guarantee and contract?
  6. Can the breeder provide references from other puppy buyers or veterinarians?
  7. How does the breeder handle genetic defects or health issues that may arise?
  8. Does the breeder provide ongoing support after the purchase of the puppy?
  9. Can the breeder provide proof of vaccinations and deworming?
  10. Will the breeder take the puppy back if you are unable to keep it?

Keep in mind reputable breeders will be absolutely happy to answer these questions, and in most cases they’ll give you the answers to them all before even asking. Breeders should not get flustered when you ask these questions.

Hopefully this helps! Now, let’s move on to the some of the best corgi breeders in Florida!

5 Excellent Corgi Breeders In Florida

1. John Corgi Puppies

John Corgi Puppies is a reputable and trusted Florida breeder. Our puppies are born and raised in a loving home environment, ensuring they are socialized and well-trained from the start.

Not only are all the pups healthy and certified, but they’re also ready to make new friends, both human and animal when they come home with you.

Plus, we’ll make sure they’re shipped to you quickly, usually within 48 hours of payment. And the best part? We are dedicated to ethical breeding practices and do not support puppy mills. You can trust that you’re getting a happy, well-loved puppy from us.

2. The Corgi Lady

The Corgi Lady has been a breeder and Corgi lover since 1989, when her husband surprised her with her first one. Since then, she has been dedicated to raising happy and healthy Corgi puppies in her home.

The puppies are born inside and stay with their mothers until they are 4 weeks old. They then move to the breeder’s puppy kennels where they have plenty of space to play and grow.

The puppies get to spend time outside in their own puppy yard twice a day, with playtime increasing as they get older. They are also surrounded by lots of toys and fresh air. No doubt, The Corgi Lady is one of the most reputable breeders of Corgis in the area.

3. Riverside Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Riverside Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies and dogs are raised in a loving home environment, where each Corgi, guest or resident is treated as a family member.

The breeder has several fenced yards, a pool for cooling off and exercise, a short walk to the ocean for running and wave jumping and flat stretches of grassy sided sidewalks for long, social, work outs.

All the dogs are tested for the bleeding disorder VWD, eye clearances from CERF and have normal hips through OFA certification.

With the help of her husband John, son Josh, his friends and his Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) the dogs are kept busy and well socialized. Ensuring that the puppies go to their forever homes with the best start possible.

4. Mulkey’s Little Corgis

Mulkey’s Little Corgis breed family raised AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgis. All my dogs and puppies are considered family members are all raised with the utmost care. The puppies are raised indoors and come pre-spoiled!

Mulkey’s have amazing reviews are a well trusted Corgi breeders in Florida. Just one look at their Facebook page indicates just how loyal, connected, and caring these folks are.

Mulkey’s often keep in touch with the families after giving a puppy to ensure they are happy and to assist with any challenges that may arise.

5. Magnolia Creek Corgis

corgi florida

Magnolia creek corgis have over 20 years of hands-on breeding, obedience training, trialing, herding and working experience.

They utilize this knowledge and experience to ensure they are always making the best pairings when it comes to producing the BEST quality Corgi puppies in every aspect including health, temperament and of course – good looks! They raise both American Corgis and AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgis. 

Magnolia Creek Corgis have references all over the country and promise to give lifetime support! They state that it doesn’t matter whether it’s 3 days or 10 years, if you need help with your Corgi, you can count on them.

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Final thoughts

We hope these breeders help you with your corgi dreams. If you’re a corgi breeder in Florida and want to be on our list be sure to contact us and we’ll run through our vetting process!


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