The Puppy Mag Does Not Provide Professional Advice

Information on The Puppy Mag does not constitute pet medical advice or professional advice in any context.

Information on The Puppy Mag does not replace professional advice from your local veterinarian.

Information on The Puppy Mag is for educational purposes only.

Regarding Vet-Approved Articles

The main goal of The Puppy Mag is to provide you with both accurate and safe advice, that’s why we work with qualified and practicing veterinarians to review, and even write the content you are reading on the site.

Although this content IS of veterinary standard, you MUST still seek advice from your local veterinarian regarding health issues with your pet.

Your local veterinarian will be able to physically examine and perform various health tests, and that can never be replaced by any article, no matter how good or accurate it is.

Harry Evans Is Not a Professional Veterinarian or Trainer

I’m not a professional veterinarian nor am I a professional dog trainer.

I provide tips and guidance on frequently asked questions concerning your pet dog from my personal experience of owning dogs over two decades.

How you decide to use my non-professional guidance is your responsibility.

Concerning Recommended Products or Services

Any product or service that I have “recommended” throughout The Puppy Mag, is me simply sharing my personal favorite or choice.

Again, if you choose to go ahead and use that product or service after having read an article on The Puppy Mag, you do so at your own risk and responsibility.

You Should Always Seek Advice From Your Veterinarian or Trained Professional

You should always seek advice from a trained professional before making decisions or taking action that could affect the health and/or safety of your dog.

Affiliate Disclaimer

The Puppy Mag is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com

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