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Do Havanese Shed? Everything You Need To Know

If you are interested in adding a Havanese to your family, you may be wondering how much fur you should expect around your home. Knowing how much a breed sheds is important for many reasons, ranging from preventing human allergies to keeping your home clean. 

To the relief of many owners, Havanese do not shed very much at all. In fact, Havanese are considered one of the lowest shedding breeds there is. While you might still find a small amount of hair now and then, it’s nothing compared to most other breeds.

Let’s cover some more details about the Havanese coat and their grooming needs below.

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Havanese Coat Basics

The Havanese coat is one of the reasons why this breed is so treasured among dog lovers. Their coats are often long and silky, ranging in texture from straight to wavy. 

The Havanese coat comes in black, white, tan, gray, red, and a combination of all mentioned. Part of what makes the Havanese so special is how their coat color can change as they age, as their fur can often transform in the first year of their life. 

Anytime you have a breed with long hair, many wonder if they will be excessive shedders as a result. Thankfully for the Havanese lovers out there, this is not the case. 

Do Havanese Shed?

Though the Havanese is known for having luscious locks, they are extremely light shedders. They are actually one of the lowest shedding breeds out there, comparable to breeds like the Goldendoodle and Schnauzer. 

You may find a strand of fur left behind on your furniture occasionally, but it is very unlikely for you to find tumbleweeds of fur around your home. Their hair also doesn’t cling to your clothes as easily as other dog fur, so you can throw away your stash of lint rollers. 

Are Havanese Dogs Hypoallergenic?

Due to how little the Havanese sheds, many consider the breed to be hypoallergenic. Before we move forward with whether or not the Havanese is good for allergy sufferers, it’s important to realize that there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog. 

Dogs are considered “allergy-free” when they shed less than other breeds, but this does not mean all human allergies are eliminated. When a person is allergic to our canine friends, they will also experience allergies to the protein in a dog’s saliva. 

The proteins in a dog’s saliva can find their way onto different surfaces around your home, on your clothes, and even on your skin. No matter how little a dog sheds, you can never eliminate saliva production. 

Are Havanese Good For People With Allergies?

Now that you understand why a dog can never be hypoallergenic, we can discuss whether or not Havanese are ideal for humans with canine allergies. You can never get away from the occasional dog slobber, but decreased shedding can be better for allergy sufferers. 

The less a furry friend sheds, the more allergy-friendly the home will be. Though allergies can never be eliminated completely, the Havanese is a great option for those who are prone to irritation around our canine friends. 

Grooming Needs Of The Havanese

Havanese may not be heavy shedders, but they do still require regular grooming. Their long silky fur can easily become tangled when it’s not well managed, so it’s important to implement regular grooming to prevent painful knots. 


Havanese will need to be brushed each day to prevent painful knots and mats. These brushing sessions can be short, as long as you do a basic run through of each area on their body. Once their fur is knot-free, you can call it a day. 

Hair Clipping

Hair clipping is a personal choice when it comes to grooming your Havanese. Many owners choose to keep their fur trimmed to ease their grooming needs, but it is always up to you. If you do want to keep their fur short to prevent any excessive grooming needs, they will probably need to be clipped monthly. 

Facial Care

Tear stains are extremely common in Havanese dogs. Their eyes can easily become crusted and stained if you do not clean them regularly, so it’s important to always wipe away any stain or crust when it’s present. If their tear staining ever seems excessive, be sure to have them checked by a veterinarian to rule out any eye complications. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an adorable pup with minimal shedding, the Havanese may be the perfect pup for you! As long as you are okay with daily brushing to keep their hair tangle-free, the Havanese could be a wonderful addition to your home. 

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