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Do Vizslas Like To Cuddle? 6 Signs of Affection & More

Whether you have a vizsla or are considering getting one, knowing how cuddly they will be is something very important for many owners. This article will confirm whether vizslas like to cuddle, their general level of affection, and other ways they typically show affection.

Are Vizslas Cuddly?

Although Vizslas are primarily known as working dogs with strong hunting and pointing backgrounds, they are also incredible companion dogs. If it wasn’t for their working history, they would literally be a giant lap dog.

So to answer the main question, yes, most Vizslas are very cuddly and have no problems with close physical contact or receiving/giving affection.

Snuggles on the couch during the evening will be the assumed plan of action, rather than a pleasant surprise!

Are Vizslas An Affectionate Breed In General?

Absolutely! In fact, a Vizslas love and affection goes way beyond cuddles.

Vizslas make excellent companion dogs and quickly develop strong emotional bonds with their owners.

They show their affection in many additional ways than simple cuddles. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

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6 Additional Ways Vizslas Show Their Affection

Here are some of the additional ways that Vizslas show affection:

Bringing you their toy: On the surface, this seems like they just want to play (and they do) but it also indicates they see you as their “go-to” human. The fact that they are choosing you means they trust and love you.

Physical contact: Apart from cuddles, general physical contact like coming to lean up against you, resting a paw on your leg, or downright sitting on top of you! Physical contact is one of the oldest and most reliable signs of affection.

Gazing at you: Eye contact is one of the most powerful forms of non-verbal communication. If your vizsla is able to casually gaze into your eyes while you look at them, this is a strong indicator of trust and loyalty.

Getting excited when they see you: Does your Vizsla bound up to you with their tail wagging at lightenings speed? This is basically a dog’s way of screaming “I wufff you” when you return home from work.

Following you around: Vizslas love to be by their owner’s side and this is classic behavior seen in dogs that develop strong bonds with their owners. I would say for this, however, you should be careful as this could also be a sign of separation anxiety.

Slobbery kisses: You either love it or hate it, but when your Vizsla comes to give you big wet kisses, it can be taken as a sign of love. It hasn’t been proven that dogs recognize this as a “kiss”, but it’s definitely at least some form of affection.

What Are The Implications Of Being So Cuddly?

With Vizslas being such an affectionate breed, it raises something important that owners must be aware of… And that’s how much attention they crave.

Vizslas, just like many intelligent working breeds, crave a huge amount of attention from their owners. It gets to the point where vizslas are labeled by many owners to be very “clingy”.

So is this a bad thing? Well, it’s not really a “bad” thing. But it does mean that owners need to give A LOT of themselves to their vizsla if they are to remain content and emotionally stable.

If vizslas are neglected attention, it can have many undesirable effects from temperamental changes, behavioral changes, and a lower overall quality of life.

This suggests that Vizslas are not for the “casual” dog owner (if there is such a thing). Vizslas thrive off a close relationship and rely heavily on their owners to make them a priority in their day.

What If My Vizsla Doesn’t Like Cuddles?

Despite everything I’ve said so far, there’s still a chance that some Vizslas are not as cuddly as others. It’s important to remember that all dogs have different personality traits and quirks.

For some, it could be due to the way they were raised, some could be more stubborn and “choosy” as to when they show affection, and for others there may be no reason at all.

It’s true that puppies who do not receive sufficient physical contact while young can grow up to be less tolerable of physical contact, let alone cuddles!

Can you make your Vizsla more cuddle? Unfortunately, you can’t make or force your Vizsla to be more cuddly, but there are a few things you can do to encourage him to give and receive more cuddles.

Stop trying to give him cuddles when he doesn’t want them: The first tip is to stop trying to cuddle your V when he doesn’t want to cuddle. Unwanted cuddles will just evoke negative feelings and reinforce to him that he doesn’t like cuddles. So this would be the first thing to try adjusting.

Increase general physical contact slowly: Slowly increase the volume of physical contact you make with your Vizsla. Start with more stroking, playing, belly rubs, and even brushing. With time he’ll become more comfortable to your touch in general and cuddles may be on the cards.

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