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Do Dachshunds Need a Companion: Full Answer

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Yes, dachshunds prefer having a companion over not having one. But most of the time they will be happy with just their owner, provided they aren’t left alone all the time.

Let’s explain everything in full detail below.


Do Dachshunds Need a Companion?

As Dachshunds are a breed that thrives on plenty of social interaction, having a constant companion will always be preferred over not having one. While not strictly needed, it’s certainly the better option.

It’s well known that Dachshunds get lonely easily and don’t like being left alone for too long.

That being said, having a companion will help to avoid loneliness and the negative behavioral and emotional effects associated with spending too much time alone.

Why Dachshunds Prefer Having a Companion

One of the main reasons why Dachshunds thrive on attention and companionship is due to their history. Dachshunds (meaning “badger dog” in English) were used from the 15th century in Germany to hunt badgers in packs.

These little loyal sausage dogs were full of courage, energy, positive spirit, and were fearless. They worked and lived in their packs and would have exceptional relationships with their owners.

Having lived this way for centuries, it’s now literally a part of the Dachshunds temperament and character to want companionship.

Do Dachshunds Need Another Dog? Or Are We Enough?

Another interesting question that’s usually next, is whether or not Dachshunds actually need another canine companion, or if we (you) are a good enough companion for them?

Surprising Answer!

Although having another canine-buddy is certainly ideal, in the eyes of your Dachshund, YOU are still the most important companion they could have.

The truth is that dogs can’t replace owners. And the companionship that you offer to your Dachshund will be regarded of higher value than that of another Dachshund (or any dog). This is due to the basic hierarchy analyzed in canines… You being the human owner will always be at the top, and therefore the most valuable companion.

Is there still a need to get a canine companion for your Dachshund if you are enough?

Technically, no. And a Dachshund can be just as happy if his/her owner is there to give enough of their love and attention. In the end, this truly depends on how much time you are able to spend with your Dachshund.

An additional canine companion will certainly improve your Dachshund’s life, but won’t serve as a replacement for the companionship that your Dachshund wants from you.

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The Benefits Of Getting Another Dog For Your Dachshund

There are certainly many benefits to be had if your Dachshund has a canine companion to roam around with. Let’s take a look!

Helps to reduce loneliness

Reduce, not prevent! As I mentioned before, getting a second dog won’t completely solve your Dachshunds loneliness problem (if you work long hours). But it will certainly help with it!

Two dogs are of course less prone to getting lonely as they have each other to comfort and interact with. So having a permanent canine buddy is without a doubt so much better than being completely alone.

Playtime is so much better

Throwing the ball for your dachshund is one thing, but throwing the ball for him AND his buddy is on another level altogether.

Every play session will be significantly more stimulating, engaging, and rewarding when there’s another dog involved.

There’s also the benefit of random daytime playing when you’re too tired or aren’t even at home… two dogs can initiate playtime with each other even when the owner isn’t there.

Improved overall health and wellbeing

While not explicitly proven, there are a lot of positive links between improved overall health and even a longer lifespan when dogs have other dogs to live with.

The general increase in exercise, playtime, and reduced stress, over the course of many years could see your Dachshund remain at a healthier level than if he or she didn’t have a canine buddy.

Getting a Second Dog For The Right Reason

If this article has made you want to get a second dog for your Dachshund, that’s awesome. But I do want to touch on something that’s vital to consider.

One of the top reasons why owners decide to get a second dog is “to keep their first dog company while they go to work”. Now, as kind-hearted and well-intentioned as that is, that’s not an appropriate situation for a second dog.

If you work several hours per day and leave the house empty for that long, that’s an issue that first needs to be solved for the first dog. Getting a second dog will not fix that problem, and will eventually lead to two dogs longing for their owner to come back, instead of just one.

Getting a canine buddy for your Dachshund is an awesome thing, and I encourage it, but it should only be considered if your current situation is already ideal and working.

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Will Another Dachshund Be The Best Companion?

When it comes to getting another canine buddy, you have the choice of hundreds of breeds. The first and most obvious one, however, is another Dachshund. But is that the best option? Are dachshunds better in pairs…?

According to science, it’s still not known whether dogs can actually recognize their own breed. Most likely, they can’t.

However, due to the fact that Dachshunds are inherently similar to each other, physically, emotionally, and behaviorally, it’s a safe bet that two dachshunds will make the best companionship…

In the dog world, opposites usually don’t attract, and the more similarities they have, the better the chance of the relationship working.

Of course, this doesn’t rule out all of the breeds, but getting another Dachshund is perhaps the safest option in terms of how they will get along with each other.

Last Thoughts

Dachshunds need companions, that’s a given. For your Dachshund, nothing trumps the companionship and affection that YOU can offer him. But having another canine companion will also provide many benefits and likely improve his life too.

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