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How Much Are Havanese Puppies: UK & USA Price Guide

Last Updated on January 12, 2022 by The Puppy Mag

If you’re considering getting a Havanese it’s essential to understand the average price of Hav puppies before you head off to the breeder. This article will run down how much Havanese are both to buy and raise in the UK & USA.

How Much Do Havanese Cost UK?

In the UK, Havanese puppies typically cost between £800-£1800. Havanese price varies depending on bloodline, breeder, general availability, registration status, coat color, and markings.

When considering rescuing or adopting a Havanese, the typical prices vary from £200-£600. Of course, when rescuing any dog, the price is affected by many things, most notably its health, temperament, and how long it’s been in the shelter.

How Much Are Havanese USA?

In the USA, the average price of Havanese puppies is $1000-$2200. The cost is influenced by several factors including bloodline, breeder, location, availability, AKC registration status, and coat color.

Due to the States being so large, the price of puppies changes dramatically depending on location and availability. Some states simply charge more just because (cough*California*), and other states simply won’t have many pups available, ultimately pushing the price up.

The cost of rescuing a Havanese in the US has a wide range. Depending on the Havanese’s age, health, temperament, and history, prices can range from $100-$700 for a rescue dog.


Factors That Change Price

There’s a handful of factors that impact price. It helps to be aware of these as it will explain why some pups are more expensive (or cheaper) than others.


Typically, Havanese pups that come from a “show dog” bloodline cost a lot more. Show dog bloodlines are refined over the years to produce “perfect” pups in the eyes of judges at competitions. This is why these pups always cost more. Pups that are from “regular” or “working” bloodlines usually cost less.


The price of puppies is also influenced by the breeder themselves. Breeders that build up a reputation for producing “high quality” pups will certainly have an inflated price.

When visiting a breeder, it’s crucial to do a quick background check (or google search) to see who you are dealing with. If they are well-known and have a large online presence, the chances are that you’ll be paying a premium for those pups.


This seems to be the case more so in the USA compared to the UK. In the states, the price of puppies changes quite a bit simply depending on where you are. States like California, New York, and Texas seem to have a higher baseline price for puppies than many other states.


The availability of pups will also dramatically influence the price. While Havanese are fairly popular, they aren’t extremely popular, which means it can sometimes be challenging to find your ideal Hav pup.

Simple supply and demand will always be a factor, so when the demand for Havanese trends up (which it has been in recent years) but the supply doesn’t follow, prices will inevitably get higher.


Buying a Havanese pup that’s already registered with the AKC or KC usually costs more. Although it’s not much trouble and relatively inexpensive doing this yourself, it works as an important selling point for the breeder. Having the pup already registered with certification allows you to be sure of the “quality” of the pup you are buying. Breeders take advantage of this and usually bump the price up.

Colors & Markings

Havanese dogs boast a wide range of coat colors and can have different markings, particularly around their face. If you find a Havanese pup with a rare color or unusual marking, the breeder may charge more for this pup than the others.

Anything that makes puppies stand out or be “more desirable” will be taken advantage of by practically all breeders. Colors and markings have always been an important price factor for all breeds.

Health Should Not Influence Price

When you’re searching for your Havanese pup, it’s important to ensure they are healthy. Remember that good health should be a given and not something a breeder should use to influence the price.

If the breeder has engaged in responsible breeding then the two parents would have been in full health when bred (and have had a full health check-up themselves). In addition to this, every puppy should have a full health certificate that’s verified by an independent veterinarian.

If there’s any documentation missing, or something doesn’t seem right with the health and wellbeing of the puppies or parents, be very cautious.

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How Much Do Havanese Cost Per Month

Apart from the initial purchase price of your Havanese pup, it’s important to consider the monthly expenses.

Thankfully, Havanese are small dogs, and it’s true that smaller dogs are cheaper than bigger dogs when it comes to pretty much everything from their food, crate, bed, treats, toys, and vet bills.


In the UK, the average owner spends £40-£75 per month on their Havanese. £40-£50 on a premium kibble, followed by another £25-£35 on random items such as toys, treats, and accessories.


In the USA, the average owner spends around $60-$80 per month on their Havanese. Most of this is spent on a premium kibble ($40-$55), followed by further small expenses on treats, toys, and accessories.

Of course, these are basic monthly expenses. If you add in extra professional services like grooming, training, dog sitting, etc, then monthly expenses could easily be hundreds of pounds/dollars per month.

The average cost of premium extras:
Prices vary dramatically, although these are the averages taken from US dog owners. Although somewhat cheaper, UK dog owners can expect to pay a similar amount for the same services.

  • Professional training ($50-$300) per month
  • Professional grooming ($50-$150) per month
  • Dog sitting ($50-$200) per month
  • Human grade dog food (pet plate) ($200-$300) per month
  • Raw food diet ($250-$350) per month

Initial Bills To Consider

Aside from the price of your Havanese and the basic monthly expenses, there will be some further initial bills to consider.

Assuming this is your first pup, you’ll need new supplies. So the following includes:

Food & Water Bowl$15£10
Collar, Leash, ID Tag$25£20
Puppy Pen/Baby gate$40£30-40

You can expect basic initial costs of essential items and first vet bills to be around $350 (USA) or £285 (UK) at a minimum. Depending on your local vet and the kinds of accessories you go for, this could be a lot higher.

Are Female Havanese Dogs More Expensive Than Males

Although this isn’t the same with every breeder, some deem female puppies to be more valuable as they can produce further offspring. In these cases, females will be more expensive than males.

This seems to be more common in the USA compared to the UK, but it depends entirely on the breeder. Some do this, and some do not.

Of course, it goes without saying, both female and male Havanese can make wonderful family dogs, and there isn’t a “better” gender to have. I say this because some come to other conclusions as to why females are sometimes more expensive than males.

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