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Keeping Your Husky Cool In Summer (FAQs & Best Advice)

Keeping your husky cool and safe in hot weather becomes a concern for all owners. I know the feeling!

After living in tropical climates with huskies, I’ve come to learn a thing or two about their temperature tolerance, as well as the best ways to keep them cool, safe, and comfortable.

This article has everything owners must know about huskies in hot weather. Let’s get into it.


What Temperature Is Too Hot For a Husky?

A lot of owners want to know a specific temperature that’s too hot for a husky or considered unsafe for a husky.

The truth is that there is not a set answer that will be the same for every husky…

It ultimately depends on how much exposure to hot weather each individual husky has received. For huskies that live in cold conditions all year, suddenly feeling 18-20C (70F) may already be unbearable.

For huskies that experience hot weather every year, their tolerance is likely going to be between 25-28C (82F).

Out here in the Philippines, it’s often 30C (86F) and the huskies are comfortable and happy (with extra help from us).

The majority of huskies living across the USA will be fine with temperatures from 18-23C (65-75). Once temperatures go over this point, most huskies will feel uncomfortable with the chances of heatstroke and dehydration increasing. At this point, we will need to have extra measures in place to keep them cool and safe.

8 Best Ways To Keep a Husky Cool In Hot Weather

Below are the best tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years to keep huskies cool in very hot weather.

All of these tips are worth implementing, especially number 6 (it’s a game changer). Following these tips will allow your husky to remain cool and comfortable in any hot weather conditions you have.

1. Don’t allow sunbathing

Dogs in general, particularly huskies, like to bask in the sunshine. While this is perfectly fine during winter, it is not okay during summer.

Allowing your husky to sunbathe is the quickest route to dehydration and heatstroke. While it might feel good at the time, it will leave your husky incredible ill later on.

Of course your husky can go outside periodically and be in the sunshine, it’s just sunbathing and laying down to rest in direct sunshine that causes big problems.

2. Avoid midday heat

In conjunction with no sunbathing, avoiding the midday heat will instantly reduce the chances of your husky feeling too hot.

It changes depending on where you are in the world, but usually, 12-4 pm are the hottest hours of the day.

If the temperatures are above 25C outside then it’s important to keep your husky inside until the temperatures drop a little.

3. Elevated cooling beds

These are awesome! Elevated cooling beds are simple, yet very effective. Most are lightweight aluminum frames with a trampoline-like mesh as the bed.

This kind of breathable material, along with the breeze running underneath them, will allow your husky to expel body heat while laying down.

They work well and will likely be your husky’s favorite place to lay down in no time at all. They are very comfortable for dogs.

These beds are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Meaning if you are having a yard day, you can pop it outside somewhere in the shade for your husky to safely join in.

4. Exercise at the right times

Huskies will always need their exercise, whether it’s -10C or 30C! Without exercise, a husky’s health will decline rapidly.

The best way to get your husky’s exercise in without causing them to overheat is to exercise early morning and late evening. Early morning is usually cooler than evening, but both are acceptable.

This may sound like an obvious tip, but it’s the simple things like this that make the most difference. The closer you get to midday the risker it becomes.

Always try your best to prioritize your husky’s exercise as early as possible.

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5. Frozen treats

There are many tasty options when it comes to frozen treats! Frozen treats will lower your husky’s body temperature and help them feel cooler (albeit temporary), and will act as a well-deserved treat… What’s not to love!

Frozen bananas:

You can peel bananas are freeze them for a tasty treat that most love. Bananas are great for dogs, just ensure you keep the banana whole to avoid a choking hazard (and don’t give them every day due to the sugar content).

Frozen carrots: (large, whole)

Frozen carrots are another great alternative to bananas that are healthier and last much longer. Frozen carrots pretty much turn into durable chews!

Carrots also do not have the sugar content like bananas so one could be given daily. Please ensure you only use LARGE WHOLE carrots. Baby carrots are a choking hazard.

Ice cube treats:

A fun treat that will really help cool your husky down is to infuse ice cubes with either banana, peanut butter, or even meat broth.

You can pop a few on the floor to eat, or even better, put them in the water bowl! Not only will this turn it into a fun game, but it’ll get your husky to drink more fluid. Remaining properly hydrated is the key to tolerating hot temperatures efficiently.

6. Keep a “cool room” available at all times

One thing that was essential for our huskies, was to keep a room in the house at a constant 18C (65F) or under.

To achieve this when the outside temperature was 30C we had to run AC, have a couple of fans to create a cool breeze, and for a while we tried a cool air blower (although that proved to be even more expensive than AC).

This room had the door shut, but we installed a huge dog flap that the huskies could go in and out as they liked. They loved this room and would retreat to it whenever they felt it was too hot outside.

It sounds excessive, but if you want to have no quarms or worries, making a “cool room” is a game-changer.

If you don’t have AC, then a couple of strong fans will certainly help. A decent breeze will help keep your husky cool. If you have large windows, UV blinds work well to block a lot of the heat!

7. Paddling pool!

There’s nothing more refreshing and fun than a splash around in a paddling pool. It can take a little while before your husky gets confident with water, but with the right approach, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Having a paddling pool can make for some great entertainment, and will certainly stimulate your husky more than most other things.

Not to mention, this will keep them cool! Our huskies always used to bathe a pool of water in the shade in they weren’t busy doing the zoomies.

8. Ice baths

Another thing you can try is ice baths! P.S Ice must be unmelted! I do not mean ice in water as that would be far too cold.

Bags of ice cubes from the supermarket, poured into a large plastic washing or laundry basin is ideal. And your husky will absolutely love it!

Huskies go bonkers for this ice cold temperature and will usually burrow themselves under the ice immediately. It’s quite hilarious to watch!

Just keep an eye on the ice and be ready to remove it from your husky once most of it has melted. Ice if fine while its dry, but once it melts, the ice water will be far too cold for a husky, regardless of the outside temperature.

Signs Your Husky Is Too Hot

Let’s run through some of the warning signs of dehydration and heatstroke. If you see any of these signs or symptoms then your husky is already too hot and it’s important to try and cool them down.

Signs your husky is too hot:

  • Extreme panting
  • Stick thick saliva
  • Bright pink/red gums or tongue
  • Dry nose
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy or weakness
  • Sunken dry eyes
  • Loss of skin elasticity

In the worse cases (heatstroke) you may witness disorientation, nausea, an inability to stand up, head wobbling, or even seizures.

If you see any of the severe symptoms suggesting heatstroke, then it’s best to call your veterinarian for advice on what to do next.

If your husky shows any of the signs above of being too hot in general, then it’s important to ensure they drink plenty of water in a cool area shaded area, preferably inside.

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Can Huskies Live In Hot Countries? (Is It Fair?)

Understandably, there are many concerned owners asking if its fair to own a husky in a hot location.

There is no doubt, that Siberian huskies are a breed that thrives in cold conditions. And it is without a doubt their “preferred” living conditions.

However, the truth is that there are already thousands of huskies all over the world living in very hot climates, even tropical climates in asia. And doing just fine.

Despite originating from cold areas, huskies have adapted remarkably well to hotter climates. Especially those that have been living in these areas for generations.

From my experience with huskies in very hot regions, they have all been perfectly happy, comfortable and healthy. I’ve known huskies to thrive and go on to live to 15 years old, in tropical weather…

As long as we help our huskies remain cool and safe, I believe they can live happily in any location providing their basic needs are sufficiently met.

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