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When Do Doberman Puppies Calm Down: The Truth & Advice

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Last Updated on May 18, 2023 by The Puppy Mag

Whether you’re a new or an experienced Doberman owner, knowing when your Dobi puppy will calm down is always tricky to answer.

This article will explain the rough time frame where most Doberman puppies start to calm down, and what you can do in the meantime to better handle their energy.

when do dobermans calm down

When Will My Doberman Puppy Calm Down?

Although the majority of Doberman puppies will calm down by around 2-3 years old, the truth is that they all have their own moment. Your Doberman may calm down sooner or later than this depending on how you manage their energy and lifestyle.

I would be doing you all an injustice If I gave a special age at which every single puppy wakes up and is magically 50% calmer! Although I know that sounds great! lol

Dobies are a strong working breed and It’s very normal for them to be full and bursting with life even throughout their adult years. It would actually be worrying if your Doberman isn’t like that!

So let’s move on to one of the biggest mistakes or misconceptions about “mellowing” out a hyper Doberman.

Why Dobermans Don’t Just “Calm Down”

“Mental maturity” is frequently mentioned as one of the pivotal points at which a hyper puppy becomes a calm adult. For Dobermans, this is somewhere between 2-3 years old.

This is somewhat true, but it’s not as black and white as many think. For some puppies, it’s hard to even recognize the change.

Unfortunately, this leads most owners down the wrong path of just waiting for their puppy to calm down, instead of taking proactive measures early on.

Properly managing your puppy’s hyperactivity and energy with sufficient exercise, socialization, training, and daily routines is the secret! Simply waiting for him to calm down on his own, just won’t happen (or at least it won’t feel like it!)

Encourage Your Doberman Puppy To Calm Down By Himself

I’ll move on to additional tips in the section below, but for now, I highly recommend watching this training clip.

This simple routine will teach your Doberman puppy to calm down by himself. At the same time, it’s working, and improving his self-control which is a skill fundamental to having a calm and relaxed temperament.

This training alone can make a huge difference. For your convenience, you can watch it right here from the page. 🙂

5 Tips For Calming Down a Doberman Puppy

Aside from the training routine above, here some of the basic, yet essential tips to follow if you want to have a calm Doberman puppy every single day.

1. Early Physical Exercise To Start The Day

Dobermans crave a significant amount of daily physical exercise. Whether you opt for hiking, running, chasing the ball in the park, or even swimming, whatever it is, be sure to get a good session in early on in the day!

Ideally, your Doberman’s daily exercise routine is split up into two sessions. One in the morning and another in the evening. And this makes sense too, as the last thing your Doberman wants to do after waking up in the morning, is to wait several hours before getting a good run. This will only keep his energy pent up.

2. Mental Stimulation Is The Key

Physical exercise despite how important it is, won’t actually wear your Doberman puppy out as much as mental exercise will (mental stimulation).

True fact: Without ever being mentally worked, he’ll never truly be tired. Regardless of how much physical exercise he receives.

Be sure to run through at least 60 minutes of dedicated training exercises per day. Good mental stimulation can come from basic command training, nose-work games, interactive puzzle toys, and socializing with other dogs.

Put your puppy’s mind to work, and you’ll be rewarded with more peace and quiet.

3. Establish a Clear Daily Routine

Having a clear daily routine doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it’s immensely important for Dobermans of all ages.

One way to really confuse a puppy and cause additional anxious energy is to never follow a schedule.

From feeding him at different times, exercising him at random, playing with him inconsistently, and training him only sometimes… living like this will essentially keep him on edge (and hyper).

Establish times to do everything and try to stick to them. This will, to some extent, program your Doberman puppy’s behavior to coincide with daily events. He’ll know when to be excited before his walk and training periods, as well as remain quiet when nothing is supposed to happen.

4. Prioritize Socialization

I briefly mentioned socialization just above, but it’s so important and can be so beneficial it deserves its own section.

To really ensure your Doberman puppy is sufficiently socialized, it’s best to treat it as a separate activity from that of his daily exercise.

Schedule meet-ups with other puppy parents and have friends over with their dogs. Really make a conscious effort to mingle your puppy with other puppies and adult dogs purposefully. (don’t just hope that it happens while out on walks with him).

Not only will this nurture your Doberman to grow up being friendly and approachable, but it will act as one of the most potent forms of mental stimulation possible. Socialization seriously tires out ALL dogs.

5. Increase General Interaction

I know, it’s a lot of tips already, but if you have any more time left to breathe… give yourself to your Dobi puppy!

General interaction goes a long way to help keep your puppy calm, happy, and satisfied. Spend more time playing, interacting, and even talking to your puppy. It all counts.

All puppies are craving to have a constant leader and someone to guide them. Dobermans are a breed in particular that are very sensitive to their owners and crave attention.

When Doberman puppies don’t feel as if they are receiving enough attention, they will seek it by any means necessary. Getting your attention could come out in hyperactivity when you least expect it or your puppy might start destroying household items.

Give more of yourself to your puppy (if you can) and you’ll likely be rewarded with a more stimulated and satisfied Doberman.

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Managing Expectations

Sometimes, adjusting expectations is a hard but necessary thing to do.

I’ve come across owners in the past who were on brink of exploding when their puppy just wouldn’t calm down. Yet in fairness, they were all just examples of a puppy, well, being a puppy!

The truth is that most puppies are hyper, and that’s completely normal… Let alone a Doberman puppy, who are notorious for their never-ending energy.

This point was raised by several of the Doberman owners and breeders I had spoken to in preparation for writing this article. In the end, they all said the same thing, and that was along the lines of “expecting your Doberman to be hyper, and knowing that it’s just normal behavior for them”.

As it happens, I have asked the question about puppy hyperactivity to many owners of different breeds, and I always have a least one response which is about “cherishing their craziness as it doesn’t last forever, and one day you’ll be reminiscing on it.”

I thought that was good food for thought.

Thank you for reading!


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